Mid-level Frontend Developer

We are looking for a Frontend Developer to join our team on a full-time basis to help build  accessible and intuitive screens for our users, as well as maintainable and systemised components for our team.

We can offer great flexibility, we support hybrid or fully remote working and can accommodate flexible working hours to fit your lifestyle. 

About Amba

At Amba Health & Care Ltd our passion is keeping older people safe, well, and living independently for longer. We combine beautiful products, the latest medical technology with a simple application to keep older people safe and well in their own homes while giving carers and families peace of mind. 

We are a small but ambitious team and although Amba is in its infancy, the team is well-rounded with a mix of skills and experience. 

Every developer in the team has a certain level of "full stack" so you’ll need to be comfortable writing features that will both involve Rails/ActiveRecord/Sidekiq while working on the front side of your features.

On top of the common stack, all our developers have, or are developing a particular skill or expertise. Some are more proficient in accessibility, others in Devops while some live and breathe API challenges.

About the role

You will be driven to solve tough problems and continually consider the best ways to improve the product. You will be building a resilient front-end for our Ruby on Rails app, using progressive enhancement. We use accessible semantic markup, well-structured CSS, a thin layer of JavaScript for extra interactivity and HTML-over-the-wire for updated content. 

You will bring your skills and expertise to build our emerging design system, shaping components to encapsulate front-end concepts for reuse or to abstract their complexity to facilitate future maintenance. Our app offers a variety of interesting front-end challenges, from forms to charts, including reactive updates without page reloads

You will advocate for frontend and accessibility best practices and help the team implement them. 

Screens of the Amba platform on desktop, tablet and mobile

How we work

Every day starts with a brief virtual stand-up to discuss progress. 

We work in 10 days sprints that start with a planning session where all features are discussed in depth by the development team. Typically the features are driven by user feedback and the product management team and aim to make the product better with every iteration.

At the end of each sprint, we do a quick retrospective to catch any urgent issues. Every 2 sprints, we organise a more in-depth retro to improve our process and practices. We encourage everyone to voice their ideas and concerns.

Every two sprints, we include a wriggle week, giving the engineering team a chance to decide what they would like to focus on.

As a developer you will:

  • Build and ship new features; helping our customers to look after vulnerable people more effectively. 
  • Write tests and fix bugs.
  • Review pull requests from other developers.
  • Drive continuous improvement of the product and the team.
  • Communicate on progress and report issues to management. 
  • Be responsible for feature deployment and help with Q & A from time to time.
  • Take responsibility and be ready to give a helping hand if something bad were to happen on production at any point (let’s hope it doesn’t though!)
  • Contribute to creating a strong culture of trust within the team.

You can expect to be working with:

  • SASS & Bootstrap 5
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • ViewComponent
  • Design System
  • Stimulus
  • Turbo (Drive, Frame & Streams)
  • Webpack
  • Ruby on Rails 7

Our web-based front-end also supports our native mobile apps using Turbo iOS/Turbo Android. 

If you are keen, you will also have the opportunity to contribute deeper in the stack. 

It’s worth noting that we’re looking to stay as close as possible to “The Rails Way” philosophy and are not planning to move to libraries like ReactJS or VueJS. We’re very happy with the current productivity offered by Stimulus and Turbo.

“Besides the aim of the project, Amba is set apart, for me, by the team we have for bringing it to life. People here are a really nice and friendly bunch (and good at what they do, too!). There’s a lot of collaboration and support from each other to make Amba as good as we can, with new ideas always welcome, even when not in your original area of expertise.

On a more technical level, it’s also great to have front-end valued like the other parts of the application and not “just a final coat of paint”. There’s always time/budget constraints, like in any project, but having the space to plan it, amend things in pull requests or just prioritise feedback on things like accessibility is just so appreciable.”

– Romaric Pascal, July 2022


  • 3+ years of frontend development experience, working with a backend framework (Rails, Laravel, Django)
  • Awareness of WCAG for accessibility 
  • Ability to break down complex UI patterns into components
  • Experience as a technical leader; growing technical teams and establishing best practices.
  • Strong written and asynchronous communication skills (we use Asana and Slack to report on progress )
  • Confidence to ask for help when you’re stuck.
  • Collaborate effectively with other developers; by pairing or answering questions.
  • Passion for mentoring and coaching team members.
  • Take ownership of your tasks and responsibilities.
  • Manage priorities and adapt to change.
  • Be comfortable working with a hybrid team.
  • Ability to manage pressure even when things are going south.
  • Be passionate about the product
  • Ideally, you will be able to attend a monthly meeting at our Bristol head office but this is not a deal breaker. (If you’re not UK-based, your timezone should be UTC-2 to UTC+2 so we can have a good day of overlap)

Salary and benefits

We can offer you: 

  • Salary range: £40-60K p/a
  • Flexibility: This could be working from home, doing the school run, or life admin. We understand that flexibility is essential to a healthy work/life balance, so tell us what is important to you and we will try our best to accommodate.
  • Equity in the company through a share option scheme, because we want everyone to have a stake in our success. 
  • A generous holiday policy that includes 25 days of holiday, plus bank holidays, with an additional 2 days per year after 2 years of continuous service.
  • A salary sacrifice pension scheme and enhanced employer pension contributions.
  • A subscription to the financial wellbeing platform Mintago, with access to free expert advice and tools to help plan and manage your finances, helping to reduce financial stress. 
  • A life insurance policy with a lump sum payment equal to four times your salary made to your nominated beneficiary in the event of your death whilst an employee.
  • Discounts for online workouts and more than 3,000 health and fitness clubs nationwide.
  • A product team and a company that values the front-end and where you have the space to think about its structure, to tackle accessibility issues, and offer solutions to problems. 
  • A fascinating problem to solve; your feature may even save someone’s life one day. 
  • Lovely offices in a great Bristol location, along with fun social events

We are always listening to our team and evolving the benefits available to our people as we continue to grow. 

How to apply and what to expect from the hiring process

We want to find people who are excited to be on this journey with us, so if you are excited by the role but don’t have all the requirements, then don’t let that hold you back, we’d love to hear from anyone passionate about our mission. 

Send a CV and paragraph or, if you prefer, a short video on why you would be a good fit for the role and Amba to CTO: Nicolas Alpi  

If this grabs our attention, then we will get in touch within 72 hrs to set-up a call. Our process is:

  • Initial chat (30 mins) with CTO and CEO to discuss your background and aspirations and for us to talk more about the role and our expectations. 
  • Pair coding exercise (3 hrs) where you will work on a feature alongside a member of the team. We don’t expect you to write code but explain how you would approach and solve the problem. Scheduled to follow the pair coding will be an interview (30-45 mins) with the CTO and at least one other member of the Amba team. 

We want to build a diverse team that we believe will contribute to our success as a company. We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace and welcome applicants from all backgrounds.

If you require any reasonable adjustments during the application or interview process, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

We aim to make recruitment decisions quickly, so you can expect a quick response to your application.

We’re looking forward to your email 👩‍💻

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About Amba

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