Maximize Caregiver Productivity with Amba

Caregiver Productivity / Noun:

Empowering caregivers to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of seniors in their community, while optimizing their use of time and resources.


“Amba can enable you to maximize the productivity of your current team of caregivers.
If we didn’t get a chance to meet at Senior Living 100, I’d be delighted to show you how our unique service can benefit you and your team”

Stuart Hamilton – CEO

Caregiver Productivity can be increased by over 20% using Amba


“I have not seen anything in my career that has what Amba has. It’s a game-changer”

Kristen Parsons

Executive Director, Tiffany Village & Kenny’s Pond Retirement Village


Proud to be Contributor Partner at Senior Living 100

How Amba Works

Amba sensors passively gather information from a small number of standard health, wellbeing and safety products in your seniors rooms, monitoring sleep, activity, safety, medication and nutrition. By displaying each senior on an easy to use dashboard, carers are better informed and alerted to possible issues in real time, enabling greater productivity and removing unnecessary tasks.


“Amba eases the stress and the workload for nursing staff the care team and the families”


Executive Director

“As a nurse, Amba eases my workload, it eases my stress level, I would highly recommend Amba”


Nurse & Resident Care Manager

“Before I even go and see my residents I have a glimpse into their night, their day, their needs.”


Recreation Coordinator

Reducing caregiver turnover and boosting morale

Carers love Amba as it reduces burnout from physical and emotional tasks. The Amba dashboard allows carers to operate more efficiently by enabling them to intervene ahead of time, avoiding situations where residents have fallen or suffered with incontinence.


Care providers already maximizing their Caregiver Productivity

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