Support services

Incident Management

Incident management refers to managing incidents when restoration of services is the primary objective. Amba Health and Care will restore normal service as quickly as possible when an incident occurs.

The Customer can engage Amba to assist with incidents by emailing  [email protected]  or calling the advertised support phone number. Amba will communicate updates on incidents to the Customer via email.

Number of allowed case submitters: Unlimited

Support hours: 9am to 6pm (UK time), Monday to Friday

Initial response time targets:

  • Severity 1: 1 business hour
  • Severity 2: 2 to 4 business hours
  • Severity 3: 2 business days​

All response times relate to the period from Amba receiving a Customer ticket for the issue to the moment Amba begins working and investigating the issue.

Severity 1

A critical incident with very high impact, for example:

  • A customer-facing service is down for all customers
  • Confidentiality or privacy is breached
  • Customer data loss.

Severity 2

A major incident with significant impact, for example:

  • A customer-facing service is unavailable for a subset of customers
  • Core functionality is significantly impacted.

Severity 3

A minor incident with low impact, for example:

  • A minor inconvenience to customers, workaround available
  • Usable performance degradation.