Enabling more responsive, personalized and effective care

With Amba, you can provide exceptional care and improve the efficiency of your care team

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Empowering carers to provide more personalized care

Current Practice

Ineffective and repetitive

“Can you go and check on all residents on the 2nd floor”

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Responsive and effective

“Pat has been out of bed for 20 minutes, let’s go and see her”

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Up to 40% reduction
in nighttime care costs and falls
Up to 18 months increase
in independent living tenancies

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Loved by operators and caregivers

“Amba really eases the stress and the workload for our nursing staff the care team and the families”

Vice President, Executive Director

“As a nurse, Amba eases my workload, it eases my stress level, I would highly recommend Amba”

Nurse & Resident Care Manager

“Before I even go and see my residents I have a glimpse into their night, their day, their needs”


Care providers already maximizing their caregiver productivity

Discover how Amba can benefit you


Increase care quality, deliver care more efficiently, reduce carer churn and create new care services.

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Benefit from improved job satisfaction, knowing your care is given to those who need it most.

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Live more independently knowing you’ll receive the care you need without unnecessary disturbances.

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Peace of mind knowing your loved ones are getting the right care at the right time.

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Discover how many hours your team could save on nighttime care with Amba

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Hours saved calculator

Caregiver time saved using Amba:
caregiver hours
per week*
*Based on using Amba for 50% of nighttime checks

A service for every resident

Mobility & wandering

icon of a house

Keep your residents safe by tracking their location and maintain contact with them through their Amba device.

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Respond to a fall within those first critical moments, rather than relying on a scheduled room check to discover an accident.

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Continence management

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Improve the skin health of your residents and reduce the physical burden to your care team by being alerted to rising urine levels.

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Medication management

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Maintain the independence of your residents and improve the efficiency of your team by automating dispensing.

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Hi, I’m Stuart, the founder and CEO of Amba.

In 2017 I started to develop Amba to solve a need that I was experiencing as my father aged and it became apparent that other caregivers needed the same solution.

Stuart Hamilton

Amba CEO

Founder’s Story
Headshot of Stuart Hamilton

Installation, training and ongoing support from our expert team

Amba can be installed in a resident’s room in just 20 minutes, minimizing disturbances.

Implementing Amba

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