Empower your caregivers to provide a more personalized service while reducing the pressure on recruitment

Empower your caregivers to provide more responsive, personalized and effective care.

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Personalized care and maximizing productivity comes from knowing who really needs attention

With Amba, you can prevent care issues from escalating into time-consuming problems.

Focus on residents that require care

Our platform simplifies caregiving by directing caregivers to those in need, reducing time spent on just-in-case checks.

Intervene before a problem occurs

We notify caregivers of potential issues such as poor sleep, increased bathroom usage, and inactivity so that care can be provided before minor problems become serious incidents.

Provide fast, highly responsive care

Carers receive automatic alerts for falls, continence pad changes, and missed medications as they arise.

Set your service apart from competitors and create an additional source of revenue

Revenue potential

You can use Amba to offer your residents improved services and new care propositions.

Enhance your reputation

The peace of mind Amba provides to families can further enhance the reputation of your organization.

Improved profitability

Amba enables significant improvements in labor productivity which can be used to improve profitability.

Discover how many hours your team could save on nighttime care with Amba

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Hours saved calculator

Caregiver time saved using Amba:
caregiver hours
per week*
*Based on using Amba for 50% of nighttime checks

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