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Every care community we visit tells us the same thing; recruiting, training and retaining caregivers is difficult and it’s getting harder.

We believe caregivers working smarter, rather than going through a checklist of low value tasks is one of the keys to solving the caregiver labor crisis and providing personalized care.

Amba connects passive sensors in seniors rooms to a simple interface used by carers, so at a glance they can see who needs their attention.

It’s not just about immediate care either, Amba also enables earlier intervention, before problems even arise.

Amba monitors
  • Failure to take medication
  • Poor hydration levels
  • Suspected fall
  • Incontinence
  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • Lengthy bathroom visits
  • Accelerated weight loss

Carers love Amba as they’re made aware of problems before they even arise; often avoiding physical tasks that can lead to burn out.

Seniors benefit from Amba as they can remain independent and aren’t unnecessarily disturbed, but they know if a problem occurs their caregiver will be there for them.

“Families are amazed to discover their loved ones are passively monitored when they’re alone, enabling them to remain independent while feeling secure in the knowledge that a caregiver is always just moments away, ready to provide assistance when needed”


Amba CEO

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