How Amba works

Amba automatically gathers information from a small number of standard health, wellbeing and safety sensors. Sleep quality, hydration, heart rate, fall detection – simple information that can help with health, wellbeing and safety. We set up each room with a discreet set of sensors that will empower your care team to meet the specific needs of each resident.

More personalized, responsive and effective care

Maintaining independence

Our service is designed to support
independent living in a way that suits every residents specific needs. Our base product supports sleep and activity monitoring with the option to extend into other areas of health, from wandering, continence, fall detection and medication management.

Discreet, passive sensors

Amba devices are completely passive and entirely discreet. Working around the clock, the sensors send real time health and wellness data to your care team and alert them in real time to any issues that need dealing with.

Amba sensors can be fitted to each residents room in just 20 minutes.

Working for you, day and night

Knowing Amba is working 24/7 encourages your residents to remain independent for longer. The safety net of Amba is always there to provide the comfort that if a fall takes place, one of the care team will be instantly notified, without the need for an alarm button to be pressed.

A simple interface for your care team

Your care team have access to the easy to use Amba platform that provides real time health data and alerts.

The dashboard provides instant alerts when our sensors detect an issue with the health of a resident. From falls, to unusual sleep patterns, or failure to take their prescribed medicine, Amba will alert your care team to take action.

Amba alerts can come as an email, an SMS, a push notification or a phone call, depending on how critical they may be.

Amba empowers carers to deliver more responsive, more personalised and more effective care.

Would you like to know more?

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