Founder’s story

Hi, I’m Stu, the founder and CEO of Amba.

I created Amba in 2017 to address a need I faced when my father was getting older and needed more care. I was worried about his well-being when I couldn’t be with him, so I searched for a technology solution that would alert me to any issues.

However, the tech products I tried were of poor quality and only focused on one aspect of his health, requiring a separate phone app for each.

I realized that a unified interface was essential, one that would allow me to effortlessly access real-time updates on my father’s wellbeing.

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Lightbulb moment

As care communities began to adopt Amba and provide more personalized care, we realized that we were helping to solve their labor problems. Caregivers were no longer focused on low-value tasks, but rather on those that required their attention. This was a significant moment for us and for the communities we served. Personalized care led to greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Since launching in 2022, we have experienced rapid growth, with communities across the UK, US, and Canada using Amba.

If you want to learn more, we would love to chat and see if Amba is a good fit for your community.


“Families are amazed to discover their loved ones are passively monitored when they’re alone, enabling them to remain independent while feeling secure in the knowledge that a caregiver is always just moments away, ready to provide assistance when needed”


Amba CEO

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