Our mission is to help to keep vulnerable people safe and well, living in their own homes.


Amba Health and Care was founded by CEO Stuart Hamilton in 2020, with an intent to help tackle the growing adult care crisis in the UK and around the world.

Stuart experienced first-hand what it is like to become an informal carer when both his parents started needing more and more help. Besides making more regular visits, and because of his professional background, he scanned the market for tech products that could help him look after his elderly parents, and provide him with the peace of mind that he really needed. Is Dad safely in bed? Has Mum remembered to take her pills today? I haven’t had much time to spend with them in the past couple of days, have they gone out at all?

However, all he found were products that were expensive, poorly designed, stigmatising, and never working as advertised, when all he wanted was an overall picture of his parents’ safety and wellbeing. That’s when the concept of Amba was born.

In 2020, Stuart won a first Innovate UK grant, built a prototype, tested it with a small group of users and achieved proof of concept.

In 2021, he commissioned CookiesHQ, a Bristol-based software development agency, to build an MVP, using all the lessons learned from the prototype. The MVP was launched in June 2021, and immediately piloted in a large retirement community in Canada. The trial was successful and further conversations with UK care providers were promising. Later that year, Amba Health and Care acquired CookiesHQ and its team of developers. To round off the year, Amba raised a first round of capital with their North American partners.

Today, the team has a strong mix of skills, including strategy, business development, product management and software development.


Agility & flexibility

We’re not set in our ways, we approach our product development and team management with an open mind and the intention to achieve the best results for everyone involved.


People first

We’re a tech startup that puts tech second and people first. Our team, VIPs, customers and partners, they are the reason why we do what we do.


Innovation & ambition

Our ultimate ambition is to revolutionise the care industry and provide a solution to a crisis that will affect each and everyone of us.


Honesty & transparency

Honest communication, mutual respect and supporting each other are at the core of our team.

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