Academic research

There is a great deal of research being conducted into the use of technology to help older adults stay safe and well in their homes. Here are some links of the published results.

Over half of people aged 80 years and older suffer from two or more diseases… and the interaction between the aging process, diseases, medication, and related side effects leads to complex health conditions that are difficult to assess and communicate. Moreover, since care professionals are not on-site around the clock, they receive only partial information throughout the day about older adults living at home. This makes assessing and making correct decisions about the older person’s health difficult.

24% of the participants reported that they never wear the alarm button, and only 14% wear it 24 hours each day. After falls [the alarm button] was not activated by 83% of the subscribers who fell alone and lay on the floor longer than 5 minutes.

Of these 141 falls, 38 resulted in lying on the floor for over an hour, despite an installed alarm system, and in 97% of these “long lies” the person who fell alone did not use their alarm to summon help.

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